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Chemical fertilizer

Ammonia sulfate

Application:1)、Mainly using as fertilizer ammonium sulfate, applied to a variety of soil and crops.
2)、 Used in textile, leather, medicine and so on.
3)、 Consumption from the industrial ammonium sulfate ammonium sulfate dissolved in distilled water, except the addition of arsenic and heavy metals in solution purification agents, filtration, evaporation, cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying.
4) 、Used in biochemistry, common salt, salting, salting initially be upstream from the fermentation products of purified proteins.

MF: (NH4)2SO4                                        CAS No.: 7783-20-2 
EINECS No.: 231-984-1                             HS Code: 3102210000
Appearance: White or off-white granular

Items Standard
Grade Caprolactam grade crystal
Appearance White or off-white granule crystal
Nitrogen 21% Min
Free acid (H2SO4) 0.2 % Max
Moisture 1 % Max
Water insoluble 0.1% Max
Packaging: 50kgs plastic woven bag or as Buyer′s Request
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