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Sodium fluorosilicate

Application: It is used as antiseptic in timber industry, hygroscopic agent of acid-resisting concrete, solidifying agent in natural latex products, additive in plating with zinc, nickel, iron and filler in plastic and fluorinating agent in pharmaceuticals and drinking water. It is used to produce insecticide in pesticide industry and sodium fluoride in man-made cryolite.
MF: Na2SiF6                                           CAS No.: 16893-85-9
EINECS No.: 240-934-8                          HS Code: 2826.2000.00
UN NO.: 2674                                         Appearance: white crystaline

Sodium fluorosilicate (based on dry) 99.0%min
Iron(Fe) 0.02%max
Free acid(based on HCI) 0.1%max
Water-insoluble matter 0.40%max
Loss on Drying at 105℃ 0.3%max
Fineness(through 250μm test bolter) 90%min
Heavy metal(based on Pb) 0.02%max
Packaging:In 25kg plastic woven bag lined with high pressure polyethylene plastic bag.
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